Urban PrepState Senator Mattie Hunter honored a group of students and administrators from Urban Prep Academies at the State Capitol on Wednesday, April 17.
For the fourth consecutive year, 100 percent of the Urban Prep Englewood campus’ senior class and the inaugural graduating class from Urban Prep's West campus has been accepted to four-year colleges and universities.
“I am impressed with these young men, their drive and commitment to scholarship,” Senator Hunter said. “I was proud to support and acknowledge the gentlemen of Urban Prep when they visited the General Assembly and wish them the best in their futures of continued dedication to academic excellence.”
Urban Prep Academies operates a network of all-boys public schools in Chicago, including the country’s first charter high school for boys. Urban Prep’s mission is to provide a high-quality and comprehensive college-preparatory educational experience to young men that results in graduates being prepared for attending and succeeding in college.

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women minorityState Senator Mattie Hunter saw her legislation opening up greater opportunity for minority women and their business enterprises pass the Senate Friday.

“Why should we deny minority women the ability to classify their business as a woman-owned and a minority-owned business if both these titles define them?” Hunter said. “I maintain that if a business is owned by someone who is a racial minority and female, how that enterprise is classified and marketed should be allowed to reflect that.” 

Senate Bill 2320 allows minority women entrepreneurs to elect to participate as both a minority-owned and woman-owned business in Central Management Services’ Business Enterprise Program.

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Annually, the United States and Illinois recognize a variety of commemorative dates and awareness celebrations. There are specially designated months and days every year to foster greater understanding and appreciation of important individuals, unique heritages, distinct health conditions and issues and other unique holidays. Below is a list detailing some of these important events and awareness celebrations for your convenience. Please take the time to learn about some of these special commemorative dates and join Sen. Mattie Hunter and the 3rd Legislative District in honoring these celebrations.

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Alcohol Awareness PhotoState Senator Mattie Hunter speaks out this week on April marking the 27th annual Alcohol Awareness Month.

“In a nation and culture where the public is consistently bombarded with media images glorifying this oftentimes dangerous substance,” Hunter said, “now more than ever, our citizens must be equipped with knowledge of what the choice to consume and/or abuse alcohol entails for themselves and others.”

Alcohol is one of the U.S.’ most commonly abused drugs, although for all citizens over age 21 it is legal. As a result of the popularity and frequent overuse of this highly addictive substance, National Alcohol Awareness Month was established by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Inc. in 1987 and has been observed every April since. A critical part of the observance of Alcohol Awareness Month is the Alcohol-Free Weekend that’s celebrated every first weekend in April to foster greater recognition of how alcohol consumption and abuse might affect individuals, families, businesses and communities.

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