Senator Hunter will serve on a hearing panel of national, state and local public officials sponsored by the Chicago Urban League, the Illinois State Council on Re-Enrolling Students Who Have Dropped Out of School, and the Alternative Schools Network at a Chicago Youth Hearing on Summer Jobs & Justice to examine ways to address the youth joblessness crisis.

The increasing problems from the crisis combined with the violence in our communities increases the need to develop more summer employment opportunities for youth. Testimony will be heard from youth who have a wide range of experiences including youth joblessness, dropping out of school, and their involvement in a range of programs providing them with opportunities for employment and education. A group of education and youth-advocacy organizations will also testify regarding programs and policies that could help reduce the violence in our communities. With the continued economic challenges facing America, it is crucial to ensure that we meet the growing education and employment needs of our nation's youth. At this moment in Illinois, more than 220,000 youth and young adults (16-24) are high school dropouts in Illinois, and 100,000 of them in the Chicago area. Nationally and in Illinois, youth joblessness is at an all-time high. 69 percent of Hispanic youth (aged 16-19) and 83 percent of African American youth are jobless, and 66 percent of White youth are jobless. Now, more than ever we need to raise the profile of our youth and ensure that their voice is heard.

Join Us:

Monday May 2, 2011

Chicago Urban League

 4510 South Michigan Avenue in Chicago