Chicago’s own Timuel D. Black turns 102 on Monday, December 7! A special drive- by parade is being organized as a birthday salute for Tim, our Chicago treasure: veteran, social scientist and political activist, scholar, teacher, civil rights leader, jazz enthusiast. Participants and supporters will include Tim’s neighbors and friends, colleagues and comrades, members of the academy and the community, students and residents from the South Side and across the city.

This COVID-19 conscious event is sponsored by:

o The Timuel D. Black Educational Foundation

o The Civic Knowledge Project; The University of Chicago o The University of Chicago Alumni Association

All are welcome, everyone is requested to wear a mask, and to watch for proper distancing when we gather. Since this is a gathering of cars, good social distancing is a built-in provision.

Monday, December 7:

12:45 – 1:15 p.m. Birthday balloons, cards and flowers will be collected at the 49th Street corner of Drexel Parkway.1:00 p.m. Cars assemble at 50th and Drexel - in front of Operation PUSH
1:15 p.m. Cars depart to circle 3 times by 49th and Drexel


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