001hunter10State Senator Mattie Hunter received IADDA’s C. Vincent Bakeman Memorial Award on September 5 for her outstanding work as a certified licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor and consistent advocacy for substance abuse treatment as a public servant.

The late founder and former CEO/President of Human Development Resources, Inc., Dr. C Vincent Bakeman work across a variety of disciplines, including behavioral health, strategic planning, education, research and substance abuse. Dr. Bakeman was committed to his dream of providing equal access to substance abuse treatment and prevention for all.

“I am humbled to receive this award for my work to fight substance abuse. Named after my mentor, Dr. Bakeman, it is a magnificent way of honoring his legacy,” said Hunter.

IADDA established an award in memory of its former chairman, Dr. Bakeman to honor leaders who promote the same core values and dedication to increasing access to substance treatment.

“I want to thank IADDA for its commitment to preventing drug and alcohol abuse,” said Hunter.

Hunter’s outspokenness in 2010 regarding the widespread heroin crisis in Chicago and her efforts toward justice reform for nonviolent, non-drug related offences with the Illinois Disproportionate Justice impact Study (DJIS) contributed to IADVA’s decision to give her the award.