Hunter-COPDState Senator Mattie Hunter, a constant champion for wellness in the General Assembly, helped Illinois take strides toward better public health when she passed out of committee a substantive measure dealing with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

“This is an extremely important health issue we must pay attention to and get serious about combating with increased understanding," Hunter said. "Education and greater awareness of this problem to save lives is our goal.”

Hunter is sponsoring House Bill 1455 declaring November COPD Awareness Month in Illinois.

"COPD is a progressive condition with grave consequences," Hunter added. “I’m pushing this legislation, to increase understanding of and proactively respond to this health crisis in an equally progressive way that produces results for the wellness of our communities.”

House Bill 1455 was approved unanimously by the Senate Public Health Committee and now awaits the consideration of the full Senate.