Senator Hunter speaks into a microphone while on the Senate floor.

SPRINGFIELD — Recognizing the unique challenges faced by Black immigrants in Illinois, a resolution sponsored by State Senator Mattie Hunter to create the Task Force on Black Immigrants has been adopted by the Senate.

“Providing immigrants access to shelter, food and medical care is the bare minimum,” said Hunter (D-Chicago). “We want to make sure our new neighbors are fully equipped to be successful here in Illinois.”

House Joint Resolution 18 creates the Task Force on Black Immigrants to study the economic, social and legal status of Black immigrants and provide recommendations for how to better support them — whether through state resources, programs or funding. The task force will consist of 16 members, serving without compensation, with the Illinois Department of Human Rights providing administrative support.

Since August 2022, Chicago has served as a welcoming city to asylum seekers, accepting more than 8,000 people from Central and South America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

“History favors those who act proactively instead of reactively. Welcoming those seeking asylum will create opportunities for us to learn how to serve these communities better,” said Hunter. “I look forward to the findings and recommendations put forth by this task force to ensure success for immigrants and future generations.”

House Joint Resolution 18 was adopted by the Senate on Friday.