Senator Hunter stands in front of a microphone at her seat on the Senate floor.SPRINGFIELD — State Senator Mattie Hunter has been appointed co-chair of the state’s Medicaid Managed Care Oversight Commission to ensure Medicaid beneficiaries receive high-quality and affordable care.

“Medicaid is a vital lifeline for many Illinoisans that provides access to essential health care services,” said Hunter (D-Chicago). “This commission will play a critical role in addressing systemic challenges, upholding the integrity of the program and promoting equitable health care access for all Medicaid beneficiaries.”

With Hunter’s leadership, the Medicaid Managed Care Oversight Commission was established through the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus’ Health and Human Services Pillar in 2021.

The commission is tasked with evaluating the effectiveness of the state’s Medicaid program including reviewing health outcome data and diversity contracting goals, expanding care coordination with a focus on social determinants of health, and assessing culturally competent services. The panel will submit an annual report of its findings and recommendations to the General Assembly.