Senator Hunter speaks into a microphone in the Senate chamber.CHICAGO — With a rich history as a hub for Black art, culture and business, Bronzeville has been recognized as a State-Designated Cultural District, announced State Senator Mattie Hunter. This designation unlocks access to funding to preserve the area’s legacy and support continued growth.

“Growing up in Bronzeville, I saw firsthand the lasting impact of the area’s vibrant history. Despite hardships, the neighborhood flourished and nurtured many influential Black figures we still know today,” said Hunter (D-Chicago). “This designation will help preserve Bronzeville’s legacy as a haven for Black excellence for generations to come.”

State-Designated Cultural Districts are communities, towns or specific geographic areas with a distinct shared historical and cultural identity that binds the community together. The program is designed to encourage economic development, support the preservation and development of historically and culturally significant structures, traditions and languages, foster local cultural development and education, celebrate communities’ unique cultural identities, and promote equitable growth and opportunity without generating displacement.

Bronzeville joins nine other recently announced State-Designated Cultural Districts, including Chicago’s Chinatown, Clark Street/Camino Clark, Mahalia Jackson 79th Street Cultural District, Little Village, Puerto Rico Town and South Chicago Cultural District. These areas will now be eligible to apply for $3 million in funding tailored to fit the needs of individual Cultural Districts and support the goals of the program to foster economic development and help communities preserve their unique cultural identities.

For more information about State-Designated Cultural Districts, visit here.