hunter million father marchWCHICAGO – State Senator Mattie Hunter (D - Chicago) joined fathers from around Chicago today for the annual Million Father March, hosted by the Black Star Project. This annual event promotes black male involvement in the educational careers of their children.

“Black men are overwhelmingly incarcerated and scores of black families throughout our nation are fatherless,” Hunter said. “Our children need to see black men supporting the community, helping our youth achieve academic success and show how much education means to the growth and development of our community.”

“Fathers play an important role in their children’s educational success,” Hunter continued. “The Million Father March shows the education system that black men aren’t going to stand by and feed into statistics and stereotypes but rather be involved in their children’s lives so they can continue closing the achievement gap.”

Category: Social Equality

Eviction8-23-13State Senator Mattie Hunter recently saw legislation she sponsored, Senate Bill 56, signed into law. The new law provides protections for tenants living in foreclosed buildings.

“Tenants shouldn’t be forced from their homes because of an irresponsible landlord,” Hunter said. “This measure gives families rights if the property they are renting is repossessed by the bank or sold.”

Currently, tenants living in foreclosed properties are protected under federal law, but those protections are set to sunset in 2014. An owner who acquires a property in a foreclosure proceeding can evict a tenant only at the end of the lease or, if there is no lease, with 90 days’ notice. If the new owner intends to use the property as his or her primary residence, he or she may terminate the lease but must give 90 days’ notice. A bank foreclosing on a rental property also must inform tenants of where they should pay their rent.

The new law takes effect immediately.

Category: Social Justice

Health8-20-13State Senator Mattie Hunter (D-Chicago) saw two measures geared towards breast cancer prevention and awareness approved by Governor Pat Quinn.

"Early detection gives people with breast cancer a much higher survival rate," said Hunter, chairwoman of the Human Services Committee. "Breast cancer is a life-threatening disease that can be overcome but only with routine check-ups and proper education."

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Category: Health & Human Services

guns8-20-13An outspoken proponent of eliminating gun violence in her community, State Senator Mattie Hunter supported a measure aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of criminals and gives law enforcement another tool to stop gun smugglers. The new law requires anyone who sells or transfers a firearm to verify that the recipient has a valid FOID Card; it also establishes that gun owners must report lost or stolen weapons within 72 hours of discovering the loss.

“If your gun is stolen and someone commits a crime with it, then the original owner is the suspected criminal,” Hunter said. “A firearm that is reported lost or stolen has a better chance of being returned to its owner.”

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Category: Social Justice

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