CPS ClosuresState Senator Mattie Hunter responded to Chicago Public Schools’ announcement yesterday regarding the proposed closure, co-location or turn-around of 53 schools, 15 of which lie within the boundaries of the 3rd  Legislative District.

“Although I am not completely in opposition to what CPS has decided, I am concerned that this decision has been made without the guidance of solid criteria and adequate investigation of all facets of the issue,” Hunter said. “Even though I remain hopeful we will see positive outcomes from this proposal, I cannot ignore that this judgment was reached without the consideration of CPS’ master facilities plan, which I look forward to seeing soon.”

Earlier this week Hunter became a chief co-sponsor of Senate Bill 1571, a measure which calls for a school closings moratorium that would prevent CPS from realizing any school closures before the end of the 2014 -15 school year.

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frackingIn an effort to create jobs and begin to alleviate Illinois’ financial crisis, some lawmakers have proposed Illinois join a number of states across the country and allow fracking, also known as hydraulic gracturing, but many believe the idea is not fully thought out. Senator Mattie Hunter proposed SB 1418 in an effort to ban fracking for two years while a task force examines the possible environmental risks relating to fracking.

“What’s the rush?” said Hunter. “We’ve made hasty decisions in the past here in Illinois, only to regret them later.”

Environmental groups across the state oppose the idea of fracking. The Illinois Coalition for a Moratorium on Fracking hosted an anti-fracking rally on Tuesday, March 12, in the Capitol where a number of Illinois residents voiced their concerns about the affects of fracking.

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Hunter BudgerState Senator Mattie Hunter had much to say in response to Gov. Pat Quinn's budget address on Wednesday.

Recognizing Illinois’ critical financial situation and the need to prioritize, Hunter elaborated upon some of her priorities in respect to the state’s fiscal plan.

Hunter took special interest in mental health, aging and human and health services funding in the governor’s budget plan.

“Overall funding for human services has been consistently slashed in previous budget proposals, and health care has also seen dramatic cuts,” Hunter said. "These represent important issues for me and the communities of the 3rd Senate District. I was glad to see his proposal emphasize these areas. Going forward, we must remain mindful of their significance when we craft a final budget.”

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State Senator Mattie Hunter (D-Chicago) watched on as representatives from the Office of the Comptroller, the Governor’s Center for Tax and Budget Accountability and other state fiscal authorities and agencies presented on the state’s current financial situation and status regarding old bills.

The individuals representing these offices and agencies were clear about the large issue of human and health care service bills that have still not been made good on.

“Paying our old bills is being fiscally responsible and investing in and paying our social service providers is investing in Illinoisans,” Hunter said. “This is what we in the General Assembly need to be committed to.”

Throughout the committee, the speakers expounded upon old bills owed to the Medicaid system and state agencies such as the Department of Children and Family Services, the Department on Aging and the Department of Human Services.

“This large and expensive pile of overdue bills is unacceptable,” said Hunter. “We must pay back what we owe, keeping in mind that we’re not going to solve this problem overnight and we must look at the big picture and ensure these bills are accounted for in whatever fiscal plan for FY 14 we craft.”

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