Alcohol Awareness PhotoState Senator Mattie Hunter speaks out this week on April marking the 27th annual Alcohol Awareness Month.

“In a nation and culture where the public is consistently bombarded with media images glorifying this oftentimes dangerous substance,” Hunter said, “now more than ever, our citizens must be equipped with knowledge of what the choice to consume and/or abuse alcohol entails for themselves and others.”

Alcohol is one of the U.S.’ most commonly abused drugs, although for all citizens over age 21 it is legal. As a result of the popularity and frequent overuse of this highly addictive substance, National Alcohol Awareness Month was established by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence Inc. in 1987 and has been observed every April since. A critical part of the observance of Alcohol Awareness Month is the Alcohol-Free Weekend that’s celebrated every first weekend in April to foster greater recognition of how alcohol consumption and abuse might affect individuals, families, businesses and communities.

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Autism awarenessState Senator Mattie Hunter reflected this week on April’s designation as National Autism Awareness Month.

“Right now, an estimated 29,000 children in Illinois live with autism spectrum disorders, and the effects of these conditions on the individuals coping with them, their families and communities are sweeping,” Hunter said. “That’s why the time for commitment to autism awareness is now.”

Autism spectrum disorders are classified as chronic, neurologically based developmental disabilities of which the cause is still undetermined. They typically manifest during early childhood. These conditions impact mildly to severely the afflicted individuals’ cognitive, social and emotional functioning on a variety of levels. Those diagnosed with ASDs typically do not appear physically different; however, they traditionally communicate, interact, behave and learn in ways atypical in comparison to their peers.

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CPS Will Hold Two Community Meetings on Each Consolidation Proposal for Underutilized Schools

bussesToday Chicago Public Schools (CPS) CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett announced that the third phase of community engagement around the District’s utilization crisis will begin this Saturday, April 6, focusing on her recommendation to consolidate underutilized and under-resourced schools. CPS will hold two community meetings for each school, providing parents and community members the ability to ask questions, provide feedback to the District, and receive more information.

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